Cylinder room maintenance and maintenance


The daily cleaning of the steam room massage cylinder can be carried out with general liquid detergent and soft cloth, and acetone and ammonia are prohibited or the product is made of this substance. (Disinfectant containing formic acid or methanone is prohibited) If you accidentally scrape the tub, And scratches are not through the surface, with dry or wet 1500 # water sandpaper gently polished to smooth (sandpaper polished place must be kept moist), and then called a Meguiar 10 # mirror glaze special compounds (or coated Toothpaste wipe with a wet rag), if you can not restore the luster, surface chemicals can be polished surface, coated with a layer of polished wax paste.

1, the surface of the scale can be light acid detergent cleaning, it is recommended that the best in the warm state with a lemon to cloth wipe.

2, with many years later, want to keep the surface bright, polished polish can be used to make it shiny as new.

3, after each cleaning thoroughly clean the acrylic surface, do not let the detergent into the circulatory system.

4, the product tube and computer panels to avoid direct use of water spray.

5, the steam room to regularly clean the scale of the steam engine, with a weak acid solution into the steam engine heating volatile acid, shut down the machine to clear the water, and then rinse with water.

6, when the water hardness is too high, it is recommended every two years to clean the hydraulic massage device. The specific method is as follows:

① with hot water (40 degrees) filled with bathtub.

② to 2g per liter of water to add liquid detergent, start the hydraulic massage device running 5 minutes.

③ stop the pump, the water drained.

④ filled with cold water bath, start the hydraulic massage device running 3 minutes.

⑤ Stop the pump, drain and clean the massage cylinder.

7, after use, try to cut off the power to extend the service life. Maintenance must be carried out after disconnecting the power must be checked every six months by the electrical inspection of electrical leakage switch to ensure that leakage protection, the switch is working properly.