Shower room fault handling


(A) the occurrence of leakage of water

1, check the shower room waterproof tape is installed

2, check the shower room and the bottom basin, between the walls are installed glass glue

3, check the gap between the bottom basin and the wall is sealed

4, check whether the installation of water pipes, drainage pipes are sealed good

(B) the activities of the door is not smooth

1, check whether the pulley is bad, whether the deformation of the track, there are replacement

2, check the pulley is tightened, whether the left and right sides of the slide is parallel, with a tight side of the adjustment

3, the activities of the door wheel and glass whether there is foreign body stuck

4, the above are not to check whether the upper and lower rails are installed in place, check the glass up and down the hole from the deviation, you can also add lubrication to make the door more smooth

(C) the activities of the door closed, the top or bottom there are cracks

1, check the activity door parallelism, adjust the bottom basin, or adjust the heart wheel to achieve parallel

2, check whether the deviation of the vertical, there are reloading correction

(D) bottom basin drainage is poor or there is water

1, check the drainage, drainage pipes are blocked, not smooth

2, check whether the level of the ground, whether the level of the basin installed, uneven is transferred

(5) aluminum, glass scratches or damage can only be replaced