How to buy bathroom cabinet


The first is the bathroom cabinet surface material. Bathroom cabinet surface material can be divided into natural stone, artificial stone, fire board, paint, glass, metal and wood, etc .; substrate is the main bathroom cabinet, it was masked by the surface material. At present, the mainstream of the bathroom cabinet on the market is the waterproof base plate, which is the selected wood raw materials crushed into powder, the special process from the processing of a "rigid" plate. Waterproof performance is better than ordinary fiberboard, is the first choice for high-grade bathroom cabinet.

Followed by the style, bathroom cabinet is best to choose wall-mounted, cabinet legs higher, so you can effectively isolate the ground moisture.

Third, to understand whether all metal parts are moisture-proof stainless steel or bathroom cabinet for aluminum products, so that moisture resistance will be guaranteed.

Fourth, the bathroom is best dry and wet separation. Wooden bathroom cabinet on the bathroom environment has a relatively demanding requirements, that is, dry and wet separation. Request the shower and other areas separated, the shower of water will not be splashing, so that the space outside the shower to keep dry. At present, the bathroom in Europe and the United States generally dry and wet separation type, the domestic high-end apartments and some commercial housing is also more for this design. With such a bathroom, to keep the various areas of dry, you can easily choose a variety of styles and materials of the bathroom cabinet. The best way to achieve dry and wet separation is to install a shower door or a separate shower room.

Fifth, easy to use. Bathroom cabinet placement and the bathroom area has a close relationship, large space to be large and proper, small space to the various functions, but still easy to use for the ultimate purpose.

In only four or five square meters of small bathroom, shower, toilet, washstand has occupied a lot of area, so to do the wet and dry separation is not easy, consumers should choose according to the actual situation bathroom cabinet. Optional hanging in the corner or from the ground higher bath cabinet, so to the upper space development, can also effectively use a small space.