How to buy a bath


First understand the material of the product. Plate is the most important part of the massage bathtub, in the purchase of carefully observed product sheet gloss, surface smoothness and thickness. Once the plate problems, the entire product may lead to scrapped. Good material texture thick, not easy to deformation. Note whether the whiteboard and fiber layer is layered.

Followed by understanding the quality of the product. To buy favorite products, need to visit the market, shop around. Currently on the market such products mixed, choose the industry's well-known brands, the strength of the company's products, is undoubtedly the best choice. Huamei Jia products through the ISO, CE, ETL and other authoritative certification, reliable quality. There are triple protection system, to provide you with the safest protection. Once again to understand the situation of their own bath, including size, pattern and layout of the product size. According to the size and size of the bathroom, and other sanitary ware with the coordination, and reflect the common concept of space selection style. China and the United States according to the human body curve and human mechanics and other principles of design 200 variety of products, fashion style classic. There is definitely a suitable for you.

Finally understand the company's after-sales service. Service is one of the main criteria for the purchase of products, choose after-sales service perfect strength, reputable company, will exclude all your worries. China and the United States in the industry took the lead in the introduction of after-sales service center, long-term professional and technical personnel to visit the market, tracking and understanding of product quality, but also requires dealers with professional after-sales service personnel, consumer complaints can be properly resolved.