Benefits of steam room


(1) Material: Dove is a pure acrylic sheet of this new environmentally friendly materials, will not release harmful substances. Thick aluminum, 6mm all-tempered glass, strong impact resistance, to provide you with a safe bath space.

(2) steam bath: the human body has a variety of different prevention and treatment, will bring you a variety of personalized enjoyment. Steam room can quickly create steam, so you get a professional sauna like a bathing effect, according to the requirements of beauty, you can also choose the relevant aroma, Chinese herbal medicine placed in the steam box.

(3) foot massage: combined with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture, the design of the most reasonable foot massage, the use of two basic point of the nozzle to connect the main internal organs of the foot of the foot massage for continuous massage to promote the health of the whole body. Foot is the body of the various points of the concentration, the equivalent of the computer system host, is very important. Through the role of foot massage, can prevent disease, anti-aging, promote sleep and other effects.

(4) back massage: steam room back According to the principles of Chinese medicine, the design can adjust the direction of the back of acupuncture massage, you can massage the various parts of the body, relax the neck and shoulder muscles, lifting nervous tension. Make the body full of strength. You can enjoy the massage in the bathroom.

(5) hand-held shower: steam room hand-held shower there are two: one is the lift hand shower; one is placed directly on the steam room backplane, hand-held shower with three kinds of water: Soft, massage and other three. Hand-held shower can be free to clean any part of the body, to achieve the best effect of hydraulic massage.

(6) head shower: like the waterfall from the overhead flow out, as if you exposure to the tropical rain forest, accompanied by genial halo, can not be happy to chant an Oriental Pearl

(7) sound: exposure to the hydraulic massage, came around the sweet music, so that after you busy, wash the body of the lead Hua, like a wild wild crane in general, like living outside the hustle and bustle of the world.

(8) Ozone Unit: Huamei Jia equipped with ozone disinfection function, after bathing, manual or automatic (three minutes after the water) can be used to disinfect the ozone disinfection function, so as to achieve the purpose of self-cleaning. At the same time ozone sterilization can also kill a lot of pathogenic bacteria.

(9) exhaust fan: the steam room can continue to provide fresh air, and remove the steam room exhaust.