How to buy smart toilet


Many people in the choice of bathroom products always feel the more the better, it is not the case. Some products seem to function a lot, very full, but after a period of time after use only to find their own features are not very useful, the performance may not be high. So after everyone in the choice of sanitary ware must pay attention to look carefully, and see if these functions are required to decide whether to buy, do not let the function into trouble. In addition, we should pay special attention to the following three aspects.

First of all, although some of the smart toilet function is more complete, but its operation panel is too small, older age, eyes are not good, because you can not see the function keys, and press the wrong key to choose the wrong function.

Second, the choice of smart toilet, often more emphasis on functionality, while ignoring the toilet seat distance problem, in fact, in the actual use of the process, the distance is too short to give some people overweight caused by a lot of inconvenience, Will be numb legs and feet.

Third, there are some toilet automatic thermostat device, seemingly humane functional design, but it will consume a lot of electricity, resulting in a lot of unnecessary waste, so buy this feature when the toilet to be extra careful.